Exciting Links for Boring Days in no Particular Order

Robot For President

YouTube - Hitler Banned From iSketch!
Content Aware Image Resizing (found by J-Roen)
SeaDragon @ TED
The Bad Signage Pool
Dice Stacking
Fantoche (2 times)
RENT - online auditions
Polo without the horse
3d motion portrait
Fruit Vessel
Monkey Loves Pigeon
Jessica the Pet Hippo (found by Julia)
Treadmill Madness
Bending Light
Sleeping Concert In Spain
Partial Face Transplants
Cop riding Segway runs down suspect
color matching coffee cup
São Paulo No Logo
super fun happy slide

Daft Hands
Crowd Farm
Babies Eating Lemons
Type the Sky
Screaming Beans
Visible Only Through a Digital Camera
Walk it Out (found by Lauren)
Inmate Thriller
The Moment the Tallest Man Met the Shortest Man
David Shrigley Music Video
Brain Cloud
Pictures at Right Angles (found by Doodles)
The New Internet Hero
Laughing Yoga 2
Jed Movie
The Wind
Typography Toys
Letter of the Day (found by Paul Drew)
Origins of Punctuation Marks

Science Experiment #3
Judge Stuffs The Pants Man
Dunning-Kruger Effect
Driver comes a cropper in police chase
Melted keyboard (found by Julia)

Tree Drawings
Etch-a-Sketch Time Lapse
Warped Wallpaper
A look at U.S. presidents’ job-approval ratings.
US States Renamed For Countries With Similar GDPs
Fit Through the Shape (found by Frekk F)
Ugly Mailboxes
Mr Lee Cat Cam (found by J-roen)
Hog Washed
787 Cliparts

Flags by Colours
Street View
Sorted Books
Close-up of the Sun
Skim-milk Cows

Glass Duo Ensemble (found by Matt)
Molting Cicadas
Instructables: 4-lead clovers
United Shapes of America (found by Isaac)
T’s World (search for Bill Romanowski) (found by Ben F)

Jodie Foster sings a french song
Cake Art
65 million for missing pants
Animal Mug
Fast Food: Ads vs. Reality
Underwater Circles
Animaux (found by Ben)
Weng Weng
Facelift for a Museum
Leaping Shampoo
Is it Friday?
Chickens Break Up a Fight
Jesus on the Wall
Brakes (found by Bille)
Banks Try Charm to Deter Robbers
Minilogue/Hitchhikers Choice
Airline Ticket Predictions
No One Belongs Here More Than You
Mona Lisa in MS Paint
Get the Glass
Most Dangerous Roads in the World (found by Dez Broatch)
High Speed Photos (found by Kodoku)
The Age Project (found by Kodoku)
Mario Brothers Theme Song Homemade Versions (found by Rob)
North Korean Drama
Image Mosaic Generator
Public Transportation Patterns (found by Julia)
100 Person Flash Mob (found by J-Roen)
Norh Korean Children’s Parade (found by J-Roen)
Crane Croutons for Your Salad
Transformer Costumes
Eye Tracking
More Eye Tracking
Embroidered Telephone Conversations
Cat Plays with Mac Book
Windows 386 Promo Video
Folding Chair
Make A Flake
One-Eyed Giant
Michel Gondry Solves a Rubiks Cube with his Feet

Designing with food
Comedy Central Ads (found by Isaac)

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